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I had the most incredible experience at Mamaheaven. I felt so cared for, respected and understood. Every aspect of the retreat is so well considered from time to chill and be pampered a little, time to meet other mums and to most importantly to reflect upon our new roles as mothers, from talking in ‘Mama Circle’ about our births to the life changes parenthood brings in a positive, constructive and meaningful way. I also had an amazing time with my little girl, beautiful memories to treasure in the future, dancing together, walking by the sea and doing baby massage, just magical. I came away feeling like me again, so much more relaxed, calm and centred. I feel like I can be a better mum now as I have had time and support to reflect. It’s had a real impact on our lives as a family, can’t recommend the retreat enough.
— Lynn, Oct 2015
The retreat was the break I needed whilst being close to my baby. The highlight for me was the supportive company of females and mothers. It helped me lose fear of leaving my baby in a creche and appreciate the joy of being with my baby when I am refreshed rather than strained. The yoga classes were tailored with an understanding of what mothers need. The food was delicious (I am not vegetarian but loved it). Totally worth the money.
— S, June 2015
I booked Mamaheaven because I wanted some time to enjoy my baby girl without the daily chores getting in the way. But I gained so much more than that. The few days we spent at Florence House were blissful, inspiring and surprising… Within minutes of checking into my luxury accommodaiton I truly relaxed for the first time since my beloved baby landed in my arms, six months previously. Relaxing came easy because we were in a beautiful, calm setting, surrounded by a team of amazing women with innate nurturing skills. And after creating a small being, bringing them into the world safely and nourishing them that’s EXACTLY what all new mothers need: a chance to slow down, be cooked for, listened to and told that we’re doing a great job. What surprised me about Mama Heaven is that once cocooned in that safe, nurturing environment fears and joys of motherhood, that I was entirely oblivious to, came bubbling up. Expressing those emotions and being acknowledged provided some deep healing, and helped make my new role as a mother a bit less scary and even more joyful. Thank you Mamaheaven.
— R.L., 2015
Such a good weekend, thank you to the entire team. I have to admit I was a little nervous about turning up with my “lively” toddler for a retreat weekend where he was on the upper cusp of the age recommendation, knowing all the other babies would be so much younger and less mobile than him! I thought others may wonder why I was on the retreat having got through the “tiny baby” stage and now being well into toddlerhood - but I honestly think I may have needed it even more now than in the early days!!... Life seems to have got even more exhausting for me at times since returning to work, starting a training course and now being pregnant again with number 2!!... it was really lovely that everyone was so welcoming and supportive and no one made me feel out of place in any way and I definitely got what I needed - rest and relaxation, some lovely relaxing yet also energising yoga sessions, quality time with my son, an opportunity to be listened to, time to talk with and listen to others and hear their inspiring stories/experiences, delicious, nutritious food and time to reflect and enjoy some “space” where I didn’t have to do or think about anything else - bliss!! I hope to be back in the near future.
— E.L, 2015
It’s over two months since we’ve returned from the retreat and I only now find the time to write something about how very wonderful my experience with Mamaheaven was....this is telling in itself - it gave me time, breathing space, an opportunity to reflect and be nurtured. By coming up for air it reinforced what an amazing bundle of troublesome loveliness my little boy is and I’m excited about the rest of our journey together whilst savouring exactly where we are at right now. Go, it’s so worth it.
— V.G., July 2013
The retreat has a really amazing energy, such an inviting and warm place to be, I felt incredibly welcome and very relaxed about being there with little Vincent. What an amazing idea to create a place of such comfort and safety where a mother can go with her baby and just be looked after with so much love. You are all really making a difference in peoples lives in such a positive way, its so nice to know places like this exist in the world! Thank you!
— A.G, London September 2013
I felt more rested after Mamaheaven than I did after our two week family holiday! As mum of two girls three and under I loved having delicious healthy food and supportive interesting company where I didn’t have to make the meals or clean up. Massage, yoga, birth stories and other sessions were inspiring, deeply restful and healing and my baby girl had a marvellous loving time whilst I was looking after mama. Florence House is a beautiful and comfortable place in a gorgeous location. Eye opening and unique, I might have to have a third baby just so I can come back again.
— N.H, London, September 2013
Quite simply a beautiful experience and full of wonderful memories. I was unsure if I would be able to actually “switch off and relax” but due to the magical staff and perfect planning (babies being loved and cared for so well and amazing food among other things) I had a wonderful time with my baby son and enjoyed meeting other Mums in similar positions to me. I would recommend it to everyone - in fact can you start a DadaHeaven please?
— R.L, Kent March 2015
I have often thought I should write a testimonial about my time at Mamaheaven. For the purpose here, I will keep it brief because to detail the ripples sent out into my life after that long weekend would mean I’d need to write an essay.
I arrived at Mamaheaven with my fourth baby in my arms. I was good at this mothering thing by then having been in the throes of it for almost a decade! From the outside I think I gave off a good impression of knowing what I was doing and how I wanted to do it. However, underneath all of that front, I was struggling. Not with my babies so much but life was hard. I was about to split with my children’s father and I didn’t know what I was going to do about it all.
The women at Mamaheaven create a space where you can just drop down and let go of being capable for a while. It is such a blessed relief!
I had never had any of my children cared for by anyone else and to my surprise it was easy to leave my lovely boy in the creche and take time to stretch out in the yoga room and get reacquainted with my body. The body work and talking circles were amazing and just being fed with delicious, carefully thought out food was such a treat.
However, the real magic for me was realising that I had something of value to offer to the world outside of being a mother. I love my children. They are everything to me and that hasn’t changed but what I am has changed. I remember sitting and observing the Mamaheaven team and wishing that I had a tribe of women like that in my life. They were passionate about mothering and to them it seemed that meant supporting women to be everything they can be. I was totally rocked by that.
I left Mamaheaven with the seeds of a way to grow a new way of being and a renewed confidence that maybe I was more than enough (instead of not feeling good enough). I have watered and nurtured those seeds over the last few years training in what I am passionate about. Now my baby is no longer a baby, I am able to work towards getting the work I do out into the world. I also have my tribe of women in my life now and I never thought life would be so lovely. Thank you for those seeds Mamaheaven. I think the work you do is so important and so necessary for new mothers. It is such a gift to have a chance for mother to be looked after for a while instead of having to do all of the looking after. I am so glad I came along that Autumn weekend.
— Z.M Heredfordshire 2016
Occasionally, time magically stretches. A few days appear so much longer, richer and more intense. This is exactly what happened at the Mamaheaven retreat. From our arrival to the good-byes, every minute was made precious and important for both babies and me. We felt cared for, looked after, listened to and taken seriously. We got spoilt with lovely food and drink, walks at the coast, massages, cranios and yoga and time to talk. Thank you to everybody from Mamaheaven to create this wonderful, refreshing and empowering break for us!
— S, A & P, London 2016
I was just pontificating about the wonderful time I had at Mamaheaven. I came in June 2015 and I remember the food and the lovely warm people. It felt like a holiday and it was so safe and warm and just delightful.

I didn’t spend much in the way of gadgets when the baby was born as I think it’s all superfluous stuff, but Mamaheaven was the best money I ever spent on myself and my son. Truly magical.

I recommend you often, but I meet price resistance. I actually think it’s an accessible price and good value so keep doing what you are doing!

I just recommended Menoheaven to my mother-in-law!
— Ruth & Max, 2017
It was a really special atmosphere and community that was created in such a short time – the team, the idyllic setting, the welcome and that first session really set the tone from which the rest of the weekend grew. The whole team were so good at what they did, and gave so hugely.
— L W, Bristol
Thank you for a really special weekend. Driving back home I was reflecting on the experience and like a thunderbolt it dawned on me that I’d learnt something really valuable about myself...I’d learnt how much I love my son! Quite overwhelming.
— J G, Cirencester
I guess it always feels like a lot of money to spend on yourself – and it’s good organic food, great rooms, wonderful treatment – so I guess it’s great value.
— L, Hereford
If you were to ask me what I wanted to gain from the Mamaheaven retreat, I think I would have answered, some quality time with my daughter and time for me, but I have gained far more than that. I’ve learnt to love every moment that my daughter brings me and to take stock of me time, which I have found I’ve been thinking about a lot since I came home. I’ve just finishing applying Dr Haushka rose cream and have booked my first yoga group for next week, I feel like a new woman is emerging!!
Watch out world!!! Thanks to all for everything this weekend, great experience!!
— E L, Kent
In the eye of the storm of being a new mum, the gift of Mamaheaven was invaluable and regenerative. I felt like I was a part of something amazing, a sisterhood as old as the hills, where each and every one of us is connected through our bellies, through the universal cord of being mothers. And this in turn gave me a sense of inner strength, grounded-ness, self-belief - funnily enough all the things I most want to be able to instil in my children.
— Amber Trentham, Juno magazine
If life was fair, Mamaheaven would be offered on the NHS. As it is, this country’s first weekend retreat for mums with babies up to the age of 18 months doesn’t come cheap. But it’s worth it for a myriad of reasons, not least because it offers a chance to relax and reflect on motherhood.
— Amy Raphael, The Observer
For me, having complete confidence in the childcare was key to being able to fully indulge in everything else on offer, and it was immediately obvious how relaxed my son was in the crèche and what great attention he was having. I think it’s a fantastic project and you do it so well! I’m looking forward to more babies so that I can come back.
— L W, Bristol
I’ve come back re-energised and focussed possibly for the first time since I had my first child five years ago.
— C G, London
I had to persuade myself that I was allowed the indulgence of the weekend, but in hindsight it was worth every penny. The team that you have brought together, from yoga teachers to masseurs to therapists to cooks to child-minders, seem all to be the ‘cream of the cream’ - and what is more, they do their jobs with such wonderful calm and peacefulness. I am particularly grateful to the women in the creche, who always made me feel that I could leave K without anxiety or any sense of indebtedness.
— L K, 2008
I have come away a little more patient, a little more tolerant, a little more confident, a little more thoughtful, a little more gracious, a little more .... me. Thank you.
— S K, Lancs
If I remember only one thing about the first year of my baby’s life it will be spending this special time with him at Mamaheaven.
— K P, London