Menoheaven: a retreat to help you embrace 'the change'


How’s your menopause going? Wanna talk about that…?

20 or so years ago, Tania Smith (Jo’s daughter-out-law, if you get our drift), set up Mamaheaven – to help steer new mothers (like her) through the battleground of sleepless nights, fussy eaters, nutrition, stress… All the challeges a new mother faces, actually, which could be explored at a mother-and-baby getaway with good food, yoga, plenty of wisdom – and well-earned rest.

She’s still very successfully running Mamaheaven retreats – but having reached menopause herself, Tania had the great idea to offer retreats to help women facing a new set of life changes. In a supportive environment, with experts on-hand, you’ll learn strategies for coping with hot flushes, weight gain, – and perhaps a sense of feeling ‘adrift’.

The idea is to ‘support, empower and inform women of all ages to be prepared in mind, body and spirit for this time in our lives.’ The three-day retreat at Florence house offers optimum nutrition from author Daphne Lambert, revitalising yoga, deeply relaxing massages, herbal medicine, supportive counseling and a number of workshops ‘all aimed at women who wish to find a deeper understanding and support for this momentous stage in our lives.’

Tania believes that menopause can be a time of great potential, empowerment and renewal – and Menoheaven’s been going down brilliantly with journalists who’ve attended.

To quote Amy Raphael, ‘It’s often hard to remember to put ourselves first. And after years of hormone hell, three days at Menoheaven helped me to evaluate the menopause as a gateway to a new beginning.’

The next retreat starts next Monday (26th March 2018) through till Wednesday, and is priced £550. For future dates, or to book this one (and read more), visit the website below.