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Anyone who is fortunate enough to attend a Menoheaven retreat at the beautiful Florence House will return feeling renewed. I went to two Mamaheavens and I have precious memories of that time and could not believe that the facilitators were now offering retreats for the menopause. I could hardly wait to go! Especially when I discovered that the amazing Daphne Lambert would be providing the meals. There are not enough superlatives to describe the food and drink you will receive, each presented as a special gift. A feast for the senses. The massage, yoga, nutritional and herbal advice are all provided by experts who generously share their knowledge and expertise.Women from all walks of life came together for this amazing experience. I would recommend Menoheaven to anyone on her journey through the menopause.
— SARAH, MAY 2019
I recently went to Menoheaven and it was totally fabulous. Nurturing, resourcing, loving, fun, peaceful... food amazing! Yoga gentle and supportive. Talks so informative and helpful. So much love and enthusiasm from the team. I highly recommend this opportunity to celebrate a different era of our lives. Menoheaven helped me open my heart and welcome myself home🙏❤️
— P.M, LONDON, March 2018
It may sound simple, but it’s often hard to remember to put ourselves first, and after years of hormone hell, three days at Menoheaven has helped me to re-evaluate the menopause as a gateway to a new beginning.
Thank you for Menoheaven! What a wonderful space you’ve created. I had a lovely time and got much out of it. It really inspired me. Especially the food. I think that was my favourite part. It’s exactly what my body is craving. I’m making kombucha, kefir, kimchi, sprouts....experimenting and having fun.
Menoheaven taught me so much. It was three days of rest, peace, restoring and a chance to pause from my busy life. I learnt a lot about how to cope with my new found menopausal symptoms. I learnt not to be worried about what was happening to me but to understand it. Thank you Menoheaven for all your support.
I have taken so much away from every aspect of Menoheaven. It has given me a way to channel the changes I would like to make to my health and lifestyle.
A very warm, welcoming environment - home away from home. The co-ordinators were brilliant at managing everything but being part of the group too and giving their advice