Mother & Baby Yoga

Mamaheaven Mother & Baby Yoga.JPG

At Mamaheaven mothers and babies take part together in mother and baby yoga classes. The mamas bring their babies with them and learn how to include their babies in their practice using playful adaptations of the classic yoga poses. These sessions can include babies of all ages. Exercising with babies has hugely long lasting benefits not just for the mother but for the child as well. The mother gets to gently stretch and exercise her post-natal body which helps improve muscle tone and boosts energy levels. It’s hugely beneficial and imprints on the child a positive pattern of calming learnt behaviour by watching and being involved with its mother whilst she exercises her mind, body and spirit.

For many mothers the idea of being able to do anything they did in their previous pre-mama life can seem impossible. Many routines have been put in place to manage the demands of a new being in their worlds and stepping out of these routines is sometimes daunting.

Our mother and baby yoga classes help mothers reconnect with their old lives with new eyes. It’s also an incredibly bonding time as mothers gaze into their babies eyes during dog-pose or hold their children aloft.  The mutual involvement of mother and baby at a gentle pace brings a sense of well-being to both.