Annalisa Blake, Masseuse


Annalisa Blake grew up in South Wales by the sea. She trained as a breathwork therapist and massage therapist in 1995, and achieved a BSc Hons degree in Homeopathy in 2010. She works in London as a masseuse and homeopath and has spent her working life dedicated to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing of others.

With her numerous skills and healing hands she works on the whole person, particularly on deep seated blocks that often reside either genetically in the body or are caused by trauma. She encourages the soul to clear the imprint of the genetic and life memory so the body can fulfil it’s potential and the person can reach maximum health.

She is a much praised member of the Mamaheaven and Menoheaven team and has a number of regular private clients in North London. She is lauded for her ‘healing hand’s and each of her treatments is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs so that each session is a unique experience. Annalisa gives a deep, intuitive, healing and transformative massage experience and can also advise on homeopathy.

Her other skills include myofascial release which releases the connective tissue for the whole body – an amazing treatment for intense pain relief and specific issues which restrict movement like frozen shoulder and is also beneficial for autoimmune diseases. She is also a psychic healer and sits on the Psychic Circle.

She is a mother of an 18-year old daughter and lives in North London. In her spare time she loves to paint.