Our most important aspects of Mamaheaven is childcare. We run a gorgeous womblike crèche kitted out with cosy sheepskins, bright mobiles, wooden toys, books, calming music and natural objects. It is an inviting and homely place that the majority of babies, whatever their age enjoy spending time in. With up-to-the minute information from their mothers we can ensure that each of the baby’s needs are met.

Babies are cared for in the crèche during yoga classes, workshop and massage sessions and the carefully planned timetable ensures mother and baby are never separated for too long as we think this creates a more harmonious time for both mother and baby – Mamaheaven is a special time for both to share.

We strongly believe in attachment parenting and while we will do all we can to entertain and care for the babies while mamas do yoga, have a massage or attend workshops if the babies get upset or need feeding they are swiftly reunited with their mothers with the least disturbance. Mothers can then carry on their session with them or soothe their baby and then return them to the crèche. Interruptions are kept to a minimum and mothers are patient and tolerant of the needs of each other’s babies.

We feel honored to have a rare glimpse into the unique parenting style of all the mothers that come to Mamaheaven - we learn so much from each and every one of them. We soak up different styles of play, ideas on feeding and soothing and marvel as mothers encourage and learn from each other over the weekend.