A fundamental part of our retreats is our commitment to optimally nutritious food for mothers and weaned babies. At Mamaheaven we are deeply fortunate to have been inspired by Daphne Lambert, chef, nutritionist and writer of many books including the Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook. She has over the years clarified, supported and expanded all our ideas around nutrition for women and babies. She has taught us new ways with food and always produces fare that is interesting, experimental and equally importantly pleasurable.

All her food is organic, locally sourced, seasonal and yummy. Each meal has been careful prepared to meet all our nutritional needs and meal times are served around a large and beautiful wooden table which gives mothers another chance to unwind, get to know each other, share experiences, have a glass of wine and enjoy the eating experience.

Over the weekend, the babies are fed a wonderful mixture of colourful purees, finger foods, smoothies and scrumptious snacks all intricately created to be easy and fun to eat – and all are highly nutritious. The variety of flavours and the freshness of the food persuades even the most uninterested or fussy child to eat, leaving mums feeling re-assured and hopeful.

Daphne Lambert also offers an unmissable nutrition talk where she explains with great care how we can easily improve our nutrition for our families by understanding how our food is processed and how we can get the most of what’s on offer. She is an inspiration to us all giving us the power to enjoy our food without feeling guilty. Daphne is often at hand to give extra advice on weaning, allergies and other food issues.